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Scrunchies, Leopard Print & Cosy Coats - What I'm Loving At The Moment | Erin

Autumn is just around the corner and I couldn't be any happier! The colder months are the best by far no matter how much I contradict myself by saying how I love sitting out in the sun. After spending a couple of weeks in Portugal soaking it all up and enjoying the last bits of Summer, I'm more ready than ever to get into my jumpers and big coats. In light of this, I thought I'd do a post on all of the things that I'm loving at the moment including those Autumnal pieces that are starting to creep back into my wardrobe.


I honestly find scrunchies so cute! I recently purchased a pack of three off ASOS from New Look that were only £3.99 and I just love them. It just adds the cutest little touch to your hair where a normal bobble/hair tie is just plain. They're definitely coming back into fashion, reminding us that you don't have to be at school to be able to pull them off but also bringing back the 90's once again. Totally something that you could buy in every different colour way and pattern and keep buying more to add to your collection. Love them!
Leopard/Animal Print:

This is something I never thought I would be complimenting. I've never looked at an animal print piece of clothing and gone to buy it - until today. For me, growing up, leopard printed clothing especially was something that was stereotypically quite tacky. Always worn as a quite loud outfit with short skirts and usually a lot of skin on show. Somewhere between this, I feel like it's become much more toned down and a lot more wearable shall we say. It's definitely on trend at the moment as it's everywhere you turn and even I've joined the bandwagon and bought myself a bodysuit from Boohoo.

I actually love the colouring on it. It goes so well tucked into high waisted trousers with a belt and leather jacket over the top. As it's a proper bodysuit and doesn't have the poppers, it was really tight on me so after doing some last minute DIY and cutting through the bottom, I managed to style it quite well. Leopard print and other animal prints are a yes from me.
Cosy Coats:

I don't know anyone who doesn't love this season for creating a new coat collection every year - it has to be done. There are so many that I've seen that I already have on my wishlist. After a day trip to Leeds, I found the perfect cosy coat that I was dying to get my hands on the minute I got back (should've just impulse bought at the time I know). Also from New Look, it's so dreamy and being black you know you can't go wrong. It's definitely swayed me more towards the fluffy, teddy coats rather than the more practical parka. I'm also much preferring the mid length, slightly oversized but just right coat.


Literally the comfiest things ever. I wore these on both the plane there and back to Portugal and they're just a dream. I love how breathable they are to wear and it's just so easy to tuck a t-shirt in and be set with them. They're definitely something that again I would never normally wear but have grown to love once I've finally tried them. Considering how thin of a material they are, I wouldn't recommend wearing them going into the colder months but culottes are definitely something that I will be wearing a lot more of in the future and will hopefully get myself a collection going.

YoungBlood/ Shawn Mendes:

Both of these albums have been out for a while now, both with a different sound but I'm still loving them. I've been a fan of both artists since they were starting out so to hear them produce music like this is music to my ears - literally! They have such a good range of songs and just make for two amazing albums. If you haven't heard of them, the artists are 5 Seconds Of Summer and Shawn Mendes.

IntheFrow - The New Fashion Rules

 So this hasn't actually been released yet but I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my hands on it. Victoria is one of my favourite bloggers and I honestly get so inspired by everything of hers, so this is just the cherry on the cake for me! It's amazing that she's been able to achieve this and just the fact that she's written a book makes me so excited. It definitely looks like one for the fashion lovers out there, I just can't wait to read!

The After Series:

Staying on the topic of books and reading, one thing I am loving at the minute is the 'After' series by Anna Todd. If you haven't heard of this already, the series was written as a fanfiction based on Harry Styles and was then published into a series of books. I'm actually really enjoying reading the series as just a normal romance rather than a fanfiction. It's got me back into reading and reminded me of how much I used to love it. It's such a relaxing feeling being able to pick up a book and just take some time out to read it. Definitely one of the best things to do on a rainy night in.

Leave a comment and tell me what you're loving at the minute! I would love to hear from you. Also are you more into the Winter or are you still wishing it was Summer?

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

My Holiday Outfit Pics! - Seville + Estepona 2018 | Georgie

My Holiday Outfit Pics! - Seville + Estepona 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog!

It's Georgie writing today and I thought it was about time we uploaded another post since it's been a little while. I returned from holiday last week with plenty of outfit pictures so I thought to myself that I had no excuse to not upload anything since I have plenty of content so here it is.... my holiday outfit pictures:)

I spent about 11 days in Spain with my family and visited some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I might do another post on my actual journey and what we did but for today I'm going to focus on some of my outfits.


One of my favourite outfits of my holiday was this stunning vintage floral style maxi dress in a muted green from ASOS. I wore this for the wedding that we attended which was the main event of the holiday. I knew I wanted this style of dress as I've seen many of my favourite bloggers wear this style and also within some of Dolche and Gabanna's ranges.

I styled this dress by picking out the subtle touches of hot pink that are embedded in the floral design of this dress and finding a pair of heels to match from Kurt Geiger.

I had so many lovely complements on this dress on the day and from friends and I loved wearing this outfit, especially in Spain as the movement of the dress made me feel a bit like a flamenco dancer haha.



This neutral toned jumpsuit I actually bought on one of the first days in Seville from Pull and Bear and I can honestly say it is one of the most comfortable items of clothing I've ever worn. I always love jumpsuit as I feel that they are so flattering and make it look like you've put a lot more effort into your outfit that you probably have:/

I just paired it with a pair of white trainers which I funnily enough bought from Pull and Bear a couple of years ago but I mainly wore them for comfort reasons and they served me while on this trip with all the city walking.

I am looking slightly podgy on here however this was before I gave up the beer hehe.



The day after the wedding we attended a pool party held by the bride and groom and I had to take advantage of the amazing pool floats to get some Insta picks!

I'm not so keen on these pictures of me however I loved this classic white halter neck swimsuit which my mum picked up for me in the Next sale.

It's had a slight crochet detailing however I loved the simplicity of it and it was so comfortable to wear for the day. 

I actually wore it with wedges from French Connection and wore a kaftan over the top during the meal section of the day.



Once again I hate these pictures however I thought I would include it in the post because a little extra content never hurt anyone. 

I've had this Topshop burnt orange playsuit for a few years and it has certainly served me well on my holiday since I purchased it. I wore this for exploring the Seville city during the day as it is so comfortable. Once again, I wore this with my white Pull and Bear trainers.

My bag which you will see in a few of my pictures is an autumn green shade in a suede fabric from TOPSHOP and my sunglasses are from River Island.



Unfortunately these pictures are a little dark however I loved this simple white midi dress that I paired with my tan French Connection wedges.

This dress was originally from New Look however it was actually my Mum's and she said that she used to wear it before I was born! So good luck finding this one again haha.



I must say that I think that this was one of my favourite outfits from my holiday (featuring the mother). In these pictures, I am wearing cream wide leg trousers with black tie up River Island heels and a black scrappy vest. 

I wore this for the pre-wedding day evening meal which was appropriate for these trousers with them being a rather thick fabric so they would've been way too warm to wear during the day.



Last but not least is this stunning crochet cream dress from ASOS which I bought a couple of years ago which I paired with a very simple pair of nude heels from NEXT.

I love the 70s vibes from this dress and I think that it fitted in beautifully with the Seville surroundings and the Botanical plants outside of our apartment.

So that is it for this weeks blog post!

There was a couple of outfits that I didn't manage to get the best pictures of however I did include in my summer lookbook on my YouTube channel so make sure to check it out:

Thank you again for reading this post and if you have any questions feel free to message either of us on here or our social media platforms.

Me or Erin will be back soon with another post so make sure to return for more blog posts like this one or check out some of our other work.

Until Wednesday

Georgie xo

Scrunchies, Leopard Print & Cosy Coats - What I'm Loving At The Moment | Erin

Autumn is just around the corner and I couldn't be any happier! The colder months are the best by far no matter how much I contradict ...